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Bator Iso als elk ei telt !


Broedmachine of uitkomstkast

Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Vermogen: 40 W
Eieren: 36 kippeneieren
Afmetingen: 38cm lang 42 cm breed 25 cm hoog
Gewicht: 3,8 Kg


Temperatuur Instelbaar

Digitale aflezing vochtigheidsgehalte

Alle parameters zijn vooraf ingesteld in de fabriek. 

Aanpassingen op eenvoudige wijze mogelijk via digitaal aanraakscherm.

Behoud van gegevens bij stroomuitval

Makkelijk te reinigen

Aflezing van temperatuur en vochtigheidsgehalte.

Kunststofraster voor het uitkomen

Alle modellen komen standaard met antislip bodem

Zeer zuining in verbruik volledig gemaakt uit Polystyreen, zeer isolerend



Ova Iso 36

  • Veruit de beste Budgetbroedmachine


    De voordelen :


    Zeer nauwkeurige temperatuurregeling

    De temperatuur van de machine is instelbaar.

    De temperatuur is digitaal afleesbaar

    U kan de tempartuur ook calibreren.

    De machine draait ook automatisch.

    De machine leest het vochtgehalte af.


    Bij ons zijn alle Bator Iso Broedmachines met succes getest, waar machines van deze prijsklasse dikwijls de wensen overlaten behalen we met deze machines resultaten verbuffende reslutaten,  op 8 broedsels zelfs driemaal 100 %. 

  • 1.Temperature setting method

    Press SET button(short press) under normal working status,humidity window show code PP, blink on the window show the temperature valve under current setting,pres “+”button or “”button to adjust temperature to using one. After finish setting, press “SETTING” button exit or no operation on button more than 10s, the system can automatic exit and changed parameter can be auto-saved.


    2Eliminate Alarming

    When the incubator alarming, press “–”button, the alarming sound disappear,


    3Restore Factory Setting method

    Press “+” and “- ” meanwhile for more than 5s (long press) under the normal working status, buzzer call a sound , after the screen show “.... ”restore normal working status, all the parameter will restore factory defaults---temperature value is 37.8 and incubation days will restore to 1 day.



    4. Egg turning setting method. (This function only fit for the automatic egg turning model).

     Manual egg turning: Under normal work status, short press +button, the egg turning light on and start the manual egg turning function. It will stop automatic after one cycle and automatic egg turning function work as usual.

    Automatic egg turning: Under the normal work status, the machine will turn the egg every 90 minutes and 20s one time. 

    Remark: Under SETTING situation, setting blink on the screen. If no cooperation more than 10s, the system can automatic exit and changed parameter can be auto-saved.


    6. Temperature and humidity manual calibration 

    It will appear deviation for long time using the temperature and humidity sensor, we can calibrate according an additional thermometer and hygrometer.

    In this case be sure to use high quality thermometer and hygrometer. Temperature calibration: long pressing SET more than 3s, screen show the code, press SET button switch code to F3 option, F3 will be the current temperature value and press “”or“”button,adjust the temperature as same as the thermometer.

    Humidity calibration: same as operation above,when the screen show F4 press “”or“”button, adjust the humidification as same as the hygrometer.


    7. Sensor error

    When the temperature window shoe EEE and temperature sensor break down or no connection, meanwhile the electric heater stop working. When the humidity window shoe EE and humidity sensor break down or no connection,when any sensor break down,the buzzer will chirp.


    8. Support multiple power input function

    The machine can support 110V  220V ,DC 12V  mutiple power input .

    Remark: Under setting status , setting parameters blinking display,when wrong button operation more than 10s, the system will return setting status automatic.The data changed can save automatic.




    Attention and maintenance


    • Keep correct humidity in the machine, simply by adding water in the water pond:

    Chicken, pheasant and quail, difference according egg structure while brooding between 38 and 45 %, when hatching increase 55 % or more.

    Duck, goose and Swan difference according egg structure generaly 40 %, when hatching increase 55 % or more.

    Tip: . Darker and ticker eggs need less humidity during brooding.



    • During incubation : Take the lid of the machine and plug the power off.

    At least once a week for minimum 15 minutes. This allows the eggs to cool off, remove carbon monoxide and retake oxygen in the eggs.



    9. Set Temperature

    Pressing setting button (short press) under normal working status, The controller will show programmed temperature.

    Suggested temperature:

    Chicken, pheasant and quail : 37.8 ° Celcius

    last two days 37.4 ° Celcius

    Duck, goose and Swan : 37.2 ° Celcius

    last two days 37.0 ° Celcius


    10. Changing overall parameters  

    Long pressing SETTING button more than 3s under normal working status. The controller enter interval parameter setting. ( In the factory, interval parameter has been set and no adjust to the system is needed.

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